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    Jaga Russell, M.A.
    Clinical Associate
    204.885.3276 ext. 223

    Jaga Russell (B.A. Hons., M.A.) is a Clinical Associate with Red Ladder Optimized Learning. She is permanently certified as a School Psychologist by Manitoba Education. She has worked as a certified school psychologist in Winnipeg since 2009 working with elementary, middle, and high school age students. Currently, she continues her role as a school psychologist in Winnipeg and works part-time as a clinical associate at Red Ladder Optimized Learning. Here at Red Ladder Optimized Learning, her work is supervised by both Dr. Neal Anderson and Dr. Chris Tysiaczny. She is passionate about working with children, youth and their families to better understand learning, behavioural, and social-emotional needs, as a way of supporting growth. She has training and experience providing assessment and intervention to support children and adolescents in a variety of areas, including learning disabilities, ADHD, behavioural challenges, and social-emotional needs. 

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